Fraud, Forensic Audit, Forensic Accounting and Analytics

The changing nature of business has created new opportunities, but also new risks and potential threats including:
The increasing sophistication of fraud, organized crime and terrorism more complex legislation and regulations, some with increasing extra-territorial reach

• developing challenges around technology
• complex cross-border disputes
• pitfalls from expanding into emerging markets
• dependencies on unfamiliar business partners more complex supply and distribution channels
• Theft and misuse of intellectual property.

Organizations that effectively monitor and swiftly respond to potentially damaging situations such as these are better placed to deal with them quickly and successfully, while reducing adverse financial, reputational or operational impact.
The financial and reputational risks of economic crime and disputes can be huge. Our team of accountants, lawyers, former regulators, computer forensic specialists and other experts can help to investigate, analyse and resolve potential crises. Or better yet, provide forensic advisory services up front to prevent issues arising.